Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sol Y Nieve

First, sorry i haven't been posting much, life is hectic (blah blah blah). Second, my next couple of posts are going to be kind of self-indulgent, so please excuse me. I run a small tape label called Sol Y Nieve and i figure it's only fair i share all of my releases with you. If you feel like buying the actual product, please go here.

Monument - I: Atmospheric, experimental, mystical black metal.

Ten Thousand Miles of Arteries - Exorsa: Blackened industrial power electronics. Side A is the demo from 2006 called Holy Monuments. Side B is the demo from 2008 called The West Was Nothing but a Dead Beast.

Teeth Engraved With the Names of the Dead - Kosmiche Death Worship: Drone/doom/death noise from Oakland. My first release that isn't one of my bands. Really, really amazing and scary drone.