Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monday, November 29...

Anatomy of Habit says they're doom-gaze, and that's kind of spot on. Also, Mark Solotroff is the vocalist which should mean something to you if you a fan of harsh music.

I've never heard Helen Money, but apparently she plays a cello and puts it through distortion and other effects to create some kind of heavy/chamber/experimental hybrid. Also, on her website, it says that she's played cello with Disturbed. Ha ha ha ha.

Locrian is the shit and you should know that by now.


  1. I'd really like the chance to see Helen Money one of these days.

  2. she's awesome. my old roommate took lessons from her.

    I think this may have been her last chicago show?

  3. she was pretty cool. i'd really love to see her with a band so she didn't have to have backing tracks.