Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vhernen - Vhernen

To anyone that may remember, last winter i put up some albums that i thought were great to listen to in winter time. Soundtracks to the bitter cold and all the beauty and desolation that come with it. I'm gonna start that back up now that's getting real cold here in chicago.

This is Vhernen's only full length, simply called 'Vhernen'. Vhernen is from the Faroe Islands (part of Denmark, i believe) and he/she makes gorgeous, droning, (mostly) mid-tempo black metal. Big deal. Here's the kicker - as far as i know, there's no guitars, just cello's. And a harp, i guess, but i haven't heard it. It's probably hidden underneath the veritable army of reverb soaked orchestral strings and soar throat-inducing anguished wails.


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