Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ego Trip - 1979

The sun is warming up chicago once again. This means that, just like every other year, my musical pallette shifts ever so slightly from the sad/epic/melancholia that sounds so good in the winter time to the partyin'/sword-wielding/good time jams that feel so great in the summer time. On top of all the nwobhm, thrash, and early black metal (funny that that's 'good time jams' to me), i break out the hip hop once again.

This is a collection of 'the greatest hip hop singles of 1979', according to a mid-ninety's magazine called Ego Trip. They made one of these collections for every year up to 1998, so hopefully i'll get around to posting them. In the mean time, though, enjoy this. Classic old (old, old) - school hip hop. This is strictly for the parties; they had no artistic intentions with it whatsoever. Get some money, grab your girl, and hit up the block parties. Have a blast.


*repost from 4/1/10*

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