Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nachtmystium - Live 10/06/08

This is a recording i made of Nachtmystium playing at the King Cobra in Seattle back in 2008. I recorded it with a small tape recorder from the 80's hidden inside of my vest pocket, so don't expect great quality. The set starts off with songs from Assassins, then goes into some choice selections from Instinct: Decay, Demise, and Eulogy IV. The set ends with a song that Blake says is really old and then yells it's name, but i can't understand what he says and i don't recognize it, so i couldn't title the file. If you're a Nachtmystium completist and you have all of their crappy early demos and you happen to recognize what song they're playing, let me know and i'll re-upload the file with the proper title. Hope you enjoy!

*repost from 2/23/10*

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