Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fleshpress - III: The Art of Losing All

My good friend Jeremy just moved to portland. I was totally bummed because he was one my few 'metal' friends in chicago. Jeremy was famous for a couple of things - 1) his freakishly intense body and facial hair and 2) his insane cd collection. When i lived with him, he would come home two or three times a week with huge stacks of cd's from reckless records. I still have no idea how he paid rent. Anyways, when he moved to portland, he asked me to hold on to his cd's until he could get the money to get them shipped to him. Obviously, i was excited. I've been spending the last month or so going through the eight milk crates full of cd's (!), finding the ones i wanted and putting them on my computer.

Fleshpress was one these cd's. Two tracks (the first is 15 minutes, the second is 25 minutes) of funeralesque stoner doom. It's hypnotic, but has enough changes in it to keep the whole family occupied. I've already listened to it three times today. Definitely one of the highlights of Jeremy's collection.


*repost from 2/1/10*

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