Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Knokkelklang - Kalk & Aske

Fantastic tape. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. The first track, at 3 and a half minutes, is just piano and vocals. Very minimal, almost improvised sounding. The second track brings the guitars and drums in, still minimal...or minimalist rather; Knokkelklang lean towards the repetitive side of things. I hate to say 'depressive', but it is and it's certainly one the best examples of the (ugh) genre. The recording quality is black metal lo-fi, but very warm at the same time. It all sounds like it was recorded in a cathedral with the tape player on the opposite end of the sanctuary as the band. Really, it's one of the few perfect recordings i have. Highly recommended.

PS - This is not my rip, it's from aesop over at The Cosmic Hearse. Also, the metal archives list this tape as having 4 songs. Aesop says that when he bought the tape, it only had these two songs on it. I've looked for other rips online, and all of them have just the two songs. I also can't seem to find any distros that still carry this tape. If any of you happen to have the supposed other songs that belong to this tape, please feel free to share!


*repost from 3/25/10*

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